Sunday, 8 March 2015

A forwarded message – Muslim Girls Beware of RSS!

I just received this msg via Email,It may be HOAX Message or may be true,I don’t know truth,but as it contain Important Issue,so there is nothing wrong in sharing with peoples.

A forwarded message – Muslim Girls Beware of RSS!

After killing/rape of 1000s of innocent Muslim women, shameless RSS(A NON-MUSLIM COMMUNITY IN INDIA)
introduced a new union called SF (SMART FRIENDS) to destroy Muslims and the
guys in the SF are only college/school students. Their aim is to love muslim
girls.. SF member aims to destroy at least one muslim girl's life n diz is
the order of RSS.. Beware of SF. It is said that these fanatic Hindu guys
are trained in such a way that they act like a real and sincere lover and
Muslim girls may not have a slight doubt on them. They are also paid for
buying gifts and other expenditure for dating Muslim girls.

Plz convey this message to muslim parents and muslim students specially
Muslim girls.

RSS also distribute pamphletes to love/woo Muslim girls. Also they are doing
SMS campaign to ruin Muslim girls.

If you dont believe see this:-


Rajesh Bidkar, a member of an Indore radical group ( Indore is the largest
city in Madhya Pradesh state in central India ) on
Tuesday issued a SMS 'farmaan' (edict) with a reward of Rs 5,000 ($120) for
any Hindu boy who married a Muslim girl.

"He also and offered protection to Hindus who married Muslim girls.

In the message, Bidkar said he had no objection to Hindu girls marrying
Muslims, provided they are not cheated in the name of
a religion "which permits to keep more than one wife".

Urging people to forward the SMS to at least 10 others "in the interest of
Hindutva", Bidkar said: "We are not against love,
but against innocent girls being exploited in name of religion"."

  Times of India News 27 th   Feb 09
TIRUPATI: In a suicide pact, three love-lorn students jumped to death from a
quarry site in Varadayapalem mandal of Chittoor district on Thursday.

The victims were students of Srikalahasti government Degree College.

Sources said the degree students went to the private quarry site at
Mardayakunta in the afternoon and jumped to death. Ironically, another friend
who was "party" to the suicide pact did not turn up. He went absconding.

It is learnt that Khurshida (18) , Uday Kumar (22)  and Rashida (17)  and Mani
(22)  have been in love for the last one year and wanted to get married on
February 23 on Maha Sivaratri day. But they could not go ahead with their
marriage plans.

Fearing that their families would oppose their wedding plans; the couples had
decided to end their lives and made a suicide pact.
Accordingly, Khurshida, Uday and Rashida came to the quarry site on time. They
waited for Mani, but there was no trace of him. "Having decided to end their
lives, the trio went ahead and committed suicide.
Mani must have developed cold feet at the last minute and did not turn up," a
police official said.

A manhunt has been launched to trace Mani. While the girls belonged to
Karlapudi of KVB Puram mandal, the boys hailed from Buchinaidu Kandriga mandal
of Chittoor district.