Monday, 10 November 2014

Muslims of Sri Lanka-Under Siege

Muslims of Sri Lanka-Under Siege

This book is about the never ending 'Hate- Muslim' campaign unleashed by a small group of Sinhala racists who fortunately do not enjoy the support of the vast majority of Sinhalese in the country.

The writer is concerned that this campaign, unless brought to a halt, is likely to lead to a total breakdown in communal harmony to the detriment of the country, which has just emerged, from a devastating ethnic war.

This campaign began around four years ago, coincidentally or otherwise, with the ever- increasing Israeli presence in the island. Today the Muslim community has become the victim of not merely highly offensive hate speeches but also subjected to attacks
on mosques, religious schools, halal food, womens dress code, slaughtered pigs thrown into mosque, burning and urinating on Holy Quran, forcing Muslim students to kneel down and worship Sinhalese teachers, writing Allahs name on pigs face and the list continues

These disgusting acts threaten the Muslims who live in fear with an uncertain future. This book of 46 chapters covers burning issues from the endless sufferings of the LTTE
evicted Jaffna Muslims, ferocious Tsunami waves which snuffed out hundreds of thousands of lives and left behind an unprecedented trail of horror, destruction of Muslim shrine in Anuradhapura to  many more and the attacks on the Muslims of Aluthgama, Dharga Town

and Beruwala.

The Aluthgama carnage caused death and destruction besides crippling Muslim economy turning happy families overnight to depend on charity for survival. This shows that no lesson has been learnt and the authority has remained blind to these despicable crimes.

In the aftermath of the defeat of the LTTE in May 2009, all expected the government to attend to minority grievances, remove fears of the majority and bring communities together to move ahead in unity for a better future for all.  Instead minorities appear to have been written off and overall Sinhalization has been underway in full swing.

The question is whether this country battered by three decades long ethnic war due to racist politics could afford to take the very same battered path, which has all the ingredients to cause communal conflicts and tear apart the country.

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