Thursday, 24 April 2014

Rajapaksas Are Making Life Hell for Sri Lanka’s Muslims

Rajapaksas Are Making Life Hell for Sri Lanka’s Muslims

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan
Recent incidents of anti muslim sentiments in Sri Lanka, in defense of the Buddhism, have opened fresh wounds. The introduction of ‘Aryan Myth’ and ‘Mahavamsa Fabrications’ into Sinhala politics, which emphasizes that muslims should be subservient to Sinhalese has opened the gates of hate towards the peaceful Muslims living in this country for more than 800 years. This was the background of the famous 1915 Sinhala-Muslim riots.
Anti-Muslim actions have involved attacks on mosques, Abusing Muslims and Islam and their customs with little or no effective government and police response.
The Queestion remains, “Who’s the head of government? BBS? or the Rajapaksas? it is not a matter to wonder that these extremist organisation works under the agenda of the government. Rajapaksas who think this country belongs to them have started creating anotjer myth, “Rajapaksa Buddhism”. Rajapksas are creating an axiomatic and structural nexus between their dynastic project and the most extremist and virulent strain of Sinhala-Buddhism. Not only have they appropriated Sinhala-Buddhism for their exclusive use; they are also giving a distinct Rajapaksa flavour to it.TheRajapaksas use carrot-and-stick methods to subjugate the Sinhala Buddhist mass. In Sri Lanka, the Rajapaksa’Loyalists’ are rewarded; invertebrates tolerated; those who try to maintain even a vestige of autonomy are punished. As the Nippon incident demonstrates, they will attack not just minorities but also Buddhists who reject Rajapaksa-Buddhism. Minorities can only be condemned of treachery; Buddhists will be accused of treachery-cum-heresy.
The Rajapaksa family pretend that the country would collapse without them. All over the country, they use money, public money, hardline Buddhist monks and the power of the armed forces to oppress and repress the minority people.
The Rajapaksas’ stand above the law and disregard the constitution. The law is waiting. Justice will be done because nothing is permanent. The immutable law of the universe over which only the Almighty presides dictates that they will one day pay for their evil deeds.
Let those who have ears hear now, and those who have eyes see. Neither the Sun or the moon nor the truth can be hidden for long.
(Mohammed Jehan Khan is a Sri Lankan Independent Socio-Political writer, Columnist and can be reached at @OfficialJehan on twitter)