Saturday, 12 April 2014

bodu bala sena in slave island police-බොදු බල සේනා කොම්පඤ්ඤ වීදිය පොලිසි...

Making a statement to the Media in the premises of the Slave Island Police, a priviledge that has not been afforded to many, BBS General Secretary, Buddhist Monk Galagoda aththe Gnanasara while calling for the intervention of the Defense Forces to “defeat Muslim and minority extremism” slammed Minister of Economic Development Basil Rajapaksa for providing patronage to “Muslim colonisation’”.

“I will tell you all that it is Basil Rajapaksa who is behind this. He is the one who is permitting Bathiudeen to dance to any tune. He is the one who is giving the encouragement and support to Bathiudeen to settle these Muslims in Wilpaththu. I’m not afraid to say this” he said.
Minister Basil Rajapaksa is viewed as a Political foe of the powerful Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa.
The priviledge afford to Gnanasara was not given to any other politician in recent past. It comes as no surprise as it was the Slave Island Police personnel who were present during the abuse and disruption of the Press Conference held at the Nippon Hotel which was the subject matter of the complaint.
Making a lengthy statement to the media, Gnanasara lashed out at several other Ministers and said that he looks forward to meeting Minister Rishad Bathiudeen in court.
Earlier Bathiudeen sent a letter of demand to Gnansara alleging that the statements he had made to the press regarding the re- settlement in Wilpaththu was false and defamatory.
Speaking further Gnanasara challenged any Minister including the JVP to a debate at any public forum.
“I’m willing to debate that Napunsakaya( Neutor) Dilan PereraWimal,VasudewaHakeem and Rishad together with the JVP at any forum they want. I will come alone and debate them to prove these facts” he said while reiterating that a stretch of land from Puththalam to Silavathura was to be colonised by Muslims.
Gnanasara also said that Sri Lanka has a ‘ Muslim nikaya’ and a Catholic ‘ Nikaya’ (* sect) which has bought over monks for propoganda.
Mohomed Watareka is one of them. It is this man who is being used as a cats paw for these sects” he said.
Making inciting, malicious and false remarks during the said address made within the Premises of the Police station, Gnanasara said that Muslims were working according to a concept ” from the Kuran called Al- Thakkiya”.
” This is to take over land and other things by using crafty, devious and capricious methods. That is what they are doing and this is what the Kuran has instructed these extremist to do ” he said providing no substantiation to the claims.
The Monk also said that they have created over a hundred people who could take on their fight in the event they are slain.
” There are two ways to attack us, one is to defame us and damage our characters. The other is to murder us. If we are murdered we have nothing to worry because there are hundreds of people who will take our fight with more venom” he said.
Earlier Gnansara was charged with Drunk Driving and was alleged to have received foreign funding from Norway and others, claims that have not been denied yet.