Friday, 6 September 2013

The MWL Condemns the Continuation of Violence against Muslims in Myanmar

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The Muslim World League (MWL) expressed the agony and condemnation of Muslims all over the world against the grisly campaigns of violence and oppression against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, and denounced the expansion of such campaigns as they have encompassed Muslims living in other regions including Meiktila and Arakan.
The statement issued by the MWL explained that it is closely following the tragedies suffered by Muslims in Myanmar where hundreds have been killed, thousands have been imprisoned and more than a hundred thousand have been displaced.
The statement emphasized that the MWL which represents the Muslim nations and minorities all over the world condemns the passive approach of the Myanmarese government in stopping the campaigns of racial and religious discrimination, which induced the extremists to continue their attacks against the defenseless Muslims and displace them and destroy their possessions and it also let to the spreading of violence.
The MWL Secretary-General said that the protection of Muslims in Myanmar is the responsibility of the Myanmarese government, as they are citizens of the country and it ought to stop the injustice and the campaigns waged by the extremists against them as well as treating them with equality like any other Myanmarese citizen.   
The statement assured the continuation of support to the Muslims of Myanmar by the Muslim nations, and called the international community and its organizations, especially the United Nations and human rights organizations to fulfill their responsibilities of protecting the Muslims of Myanmar, granting them full citizenship rights, bringing back the displaced to their cities and villages and protecting their lives and possessions.  
The MWL called on the governments of Muslim countries and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to monitor the situation of Muslims in Myanmar and to pursuit its government to end the campaigns of violence against Muslims. It also called on the nations and Islamic organizations to cooperate with the governments of Muslim countries in aiding the Muslims of Myanmar.
The MWL extended its thanks to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its Secretary-General Dr. Akmaluddin Ihsan Oghlo for their continuous efforts to end the violence in Myanmar. 
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