Saturday, 3 August 2013

Niqab for Allah

Niqab for Allah 

They think I don't speak the language,
Or I'm forcibly made to cover

And every time I start talking, they all look at me amazed.
Yes I do have my own voice,
What's with the gaze?

And every time they pass by,
They're scared to say hello
They think I'm crazy or maybe dangerous.
But isn't that all just a lie?

You know, sometimes I get sick of it,
When people don't realize,
This world is just a dream,
Gosh, would you open your eyes?

Some of 'em think I'm scared, or insecure,
Because chastity in this world just doesn't mean you're pure.
No, I'm not gonna walk around without it.Im doing it for my Lord.

I know what they call me,
They like to label me "oppressed".
What's with these people
You see, I'm just all dressed.

And what about those high heels they promote,
They hurt my feet, I'm not wearing those,
I know what they do as soon as they wake up,
Pick out their fancy clothes,
And wear ten pounds of make up.

How dare they alter Allah,s own creation?

I believe in modesty, and the higher being.
Cuz I've realized, the world isn't just what you're seeing.
I know it's hard to hear people talkin' about you,
Walkin' past the stares,
Everyday for something that's better, but What?

And with every stare,
I tend to remember Allah,
I love my Niqab
Thank you Allah.

Sisters take my advice plz don't wait to wear hijab before someone else puts it on for you , on your last day on this earth.InshaAllah