Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Islamic Teachings

The following incident was mentioned by a Shaikh from Toronto, Canada. The incident is about his 18 months old daughter. The shaikh also has a son who is about 3 years old. The shaikh has already started teaching the young son about Quran and ahadith without wasting any time. Mashallah, the boy has already memorized surah Fatiha and various other surahs. One day, his young daughter who is only 18 months old was sitting beside the son while he was asked to recite surah Fatiha by the shaikh. This little girl is pronouncing her first words clearly in these days. Now, when the son recited the 5th verse of surah Fatiha untill "Ihdina Sirat...", the small girl suddenly said "Al Mustaqim" and completed the verse. Subhanallah! How blessed is this child whose first words are among the words of the Holy Quran, which she learned through her father when he was teaching her brother. 

It is very important to teach Islam to our children in their early childhood. We can easily bend trees in any direction when they are still small. But when the trees become big and tall, 10 people pushing together is unable to bend them. Similarly, teaching the children when they are young is necessary so that they go towards the right direction.

( Love for Muhammad PBUH is the basic teaching of Islam.)... Islam is not terrorism nor backwordness, but Islam is teachings of peace. "Ashadunna La illaha illallahu Wa Ashadunna Muhammadan Wa Rasuluhu." "I bear witness that there is no god, but Allah, and Muhammad is His Last Messenger."