Saturday, 10 August 2013

Grandpass Muslim Prayer Centre Attacked By Buddhist Monks Led Mob, Armed Forces Deployed

Armed forces have been deployed in Grandpass after a well known masjid or Muslim prayer centre in the area was attacked a short while ago. Upto five people injured including two policemen so far, according to reports onsite.
According to eyewitnesses about 10 Buddhist monks suspected to be from the Ravana Balaya group, allegedly attacked the mosque despite the police guard.
The area remains tense after a few houses were also attacked on the Swarna Chaitya road in Grandpass where the mosque is situated.
The attack took place soon after Maghrib or evening prayers, sources told Colombo Telegraph.
The Ravana Balaya group called for its relocation within one month.  Security forces personnel have now been stationed around the mosque to assist the police to keep calm.