Thursday, 15 August 2013

208 Sri Lankans Condemn The Attack On Grandpass Masjid Deenul Islam

In response to the attack on the Masjid Deenul Islam at Grandpass , today 208 Sri Lankans issued the statement below;
We the undersigned strongly condemn the violent and unprovoked attack on the Masjid Deenul Islam in Grandpass area on Saturday, August 10, 2013 by an extremist mob injuring 12 people, in the wake of the Eid Festival.
We are outraged over the spate of violent attacks against Christian and Muslim places of worship, and remain deeply concerned about the rise of extremist rhetoric around the island.
Grandpass Muslim Prayer Centre attack
While recognising and promoting the constitutionally guaranteed rights of free speech, religious worship, and assembly, we urge all communities to respect the religious beliefs – and the associated rights – of their fellow citizens, and to not be influenced by State-condoned Buddhist extremists groups.
At this time, we also wish to express our deep disappointment at the lack of concrete outcomes from inquiries into multiple other attacks against places of worship that have occurred in the recent past.
We are extremely disheartened at the silence and the visible apathy displayed by the Government and the Mahanayake Theros of the Tri-Nikayas, at a time when the rights to religious worship and assembly of its citizens are being threatened by extremism. We also wish to highlight apparent State complicity, and the level of impunity repeatedly granted by the State to extremist elements in the country.
We urge law enforcement authorities to ensure strict adherence to rule of law and prosecute those who are responsible for these heinous crimes, in the existence of abundant evidence put forward by both the public and the media. In addition, we are very disturbed to see continued Police inaction and delays in responding to incidents of racist mob violence, which is a clear indication of State complicity, and the lack of any interest by Defense Authorities to hold perpetrators accountable.
We welcome and endorse the open letter of protest by Muslim members of the Government addressed to the President of Sri Lanka, and share their view that “the lukewarm and ineffective measures taken by the law enforcement agencies on previous occasions, when Muslim communities and their mosques were deliberately attacked, seem to have emboldened some extremist groups who seem determined to create chaos in the country that is still in search of national reconciliation after a prolonged war.”
Further, we call on the Government to investigate into and hold accountable those responsible for the brutal killing of three youth in Weliweriya earlier this month, when the State sent in the military to quell a civilian protest calling for clean water.
In light of reports of media suppression and violence against media personnel reporting from the scene, we strongly urge law enforcement authorities and the protestors to respect the freedom of the press, and to take all measures to ensure their safety.
We wish a speedy recovery to those who were injured in this attack, and commend the calm resilience demonstrated by many of those who were victimised.
  1. A.H. Stephen – Deputy Secretary General, Liberal Party of Sri Lanka
  2. A.M. Faaiz – Attorney-at-Law
  3. A.S. Mohamed Rayees
  4. Ainslie Joseph – Convenor, Christian Alliance for Social Action (CASA)
  5. Aisha Ajmal Wahab – Student
  6. Aisha Nazim
  7. Ajmal Wahab – Partner, Bullion Exchange Jewellers
  8. Amal de Chickera
  9. Amar Gunatilleke
  10. Ameena Hussein
  11. Anandi Devendrakumary
  12. Anberiya Hanofa
  13. Anitha Selvarajah
  14. Ann Jabba
  15. Anoma de Alwis
  16. Antonio A. Oposa Jr. – (Philippines)
  17. Anukshi Jayasinha
  18. Anushya Coomaraswamy
  19. Ayeshea Perera
  20. Azra Abdul Cader
  21. B. Gowthaman
  22. Balasingham Skanthakumar
  23. Bannu Ifthikar
  24. Bhathiya Waduge – Director/Structural Engineer, CSE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.
  25. Bhavani Fonseka
  26. C. Gadiewasam – Journalist
  27. Cayathri. D.
  28. Chamindry Saparamadu
  29. Chandra Jayaratne – Former Chairman, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
  30. Chandraguptha Thenuwara
  31. Chandralal Colombage
  32. Cheran Rudhramoorthy
  33. Chulani Kodikara
  34. D.B.S. Jeyaraj – Journalist
  35. Damaris Wickremesekera
  36. Danesh Casie Chetty – Ambassador (Retd.)
  37. Deanne Uyangoda
  38. Devika – Colombo
  39. Dinesha Samararatne – University of Colombo
  40. Dinidu de Alwis
  41. Dinouk Colombage – Journalist
  42. Dr. A.M. Ali Saja – Doctor
  43. Dr. Anita Nesiah – National Peace Council (NPC)
  44. Dr. Danesh Karunanayake – Senior Lecturer, University of Peradeniya
  45. Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka – Former Ambassador to the UN in Geneva
  46. Dr. Leonie Solomons – Social Entrepreneur
  47. Dr. Muttukrishna Sarvananthan - Development Economist & Principal Researcher, Point Pedro Institute of Development
  48. Dr. Neavis Morais – Senior Lecturer, Open University of Sri Lanka
  49. Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu
  50. Dr. Ranil D. Guneratne – University of Colombo
  51. Dr. Sepali Kottegoda
  52. Dr. Shamala Kumar – University of Peradeniya
  53. Dr. T. Jayasingam – National Peace Council (NPC)
  54. Dr. Vagisha Gunasekara – Senior Research Professional, Centre for Poverty Analysis
  55. Dr. Vivimarie VanderPoorten Medawattegedera – Senior Lecturer, Open                    University of Sri Lanka
  56. Dr. Zulfika Ismail
  57. Emil van der Poorten
  58. Faizun Zackariya
  59. Freddy Gamage – Meepura Newspaper/Center for Peoples Dialogue
  60. Furkhan Bee Ifthikar
  61. G.S. Lakshan J.S. Dias
  62. Gamini Viyangoda
  63. Gavin Britto – Co-Founder, RuCode International
  64. Harean Hettiarachchi
  65. Harini Amarsuriya – Open University of Sri Lanka
  66. Harith de Mel – Attorney-at-Law
  67. Hashintha Jayasinghe – Graduate
  68. Herman Kumara – National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO)
  69. Hilary Perera Wirasinha – DoC
  70. Hilmy Ahamed
  71. Ifthikhar Aziz – President, Sri Lanka Pakistan Friendship Association
  72. Isuru Perera – Social Research Supervisor
  73. Jake Oorloff
  74. Janaki Jayawardena – University of Colombo
  75. Jansila Majeed
  76. Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala – Women and Media Collective
  77. Jayatilaka Kammallaweera
  78. Jehan Perera – National Peace Council (NPC)
  79. Jehanki Anandha
  80. Jeyachithra Selambaram
  81. Joe William
  82. Joel Fernando – Business Development Manager, Insu Trading International
  83. Juwairiya Mohideen
  84. K. Aingkaran – Attorney-at-Law
  85. K.S. Ratnavale – Attorney-at-Law
  86. Kath Noble
  87. Krishna Velupillai
  88. Kumudini Perera
  89. Kumudini Samuel
  90. Kusal Perera – Journalist
  91. Lakshan Dias – Attorney-at-Law
  92. Leila Udayar
  93. Liyanage Amarakeerthi
  94. Lucia Nicholas
  95. M. Rahman – Mannar
  96. M.A. Sumanthiran – Member of Parliament & Attorney-at-Law
  97. M.H. Mohamed Hisham
  98. Mahaluxumy Kurushanthan – Mannar
  99. Mahendran Thiruvarangan
  100. Mala Liyanage – Executive Director, Law and Society Trust
  101. Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema – Journalist/President, Sri Lanka                          Journalists’ Trade Union (SLJTU)
  102. Mano Ganesan – Convener, Civil Monitoring Commission (CivilMC)
  103. Manouri Pieris – Attorney-at-Law
  104. Marianne David
  105. Mario Gomez
  106. Marisa de Silva
  107. Mathuri Thamilmaran – Attorney-at-Law
  108. Melani Manel Perera
  109. Melisha Yapa
  110. Menaha Kandasamy
  111. Michael O’Leary – Freelance Writer
  112. Michelle Pinto
  113. Minna Thaheer
  114. Mirak Raheem
  115. Mohammed Ajiwadeen – Research Officer/Parliament of Sri Lanka
  116. Mohammed Mahuruf – Secretariat for Muslims
  117. Muzzammil Cader – SAMADANA/M, Centre for Promoting Non Violence,           Conflict Resolution & Peace Building
  118. Nadeesh Jayasinghe
  119. Nalliah Kumaraguruparan Ashokbharan – Law Student
  120. Nigel Nugawela
  121. Nilshan Fonseka
  122. Nimalka Fernando – Women’s Political Academy (Sri Lanka)
  123. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri
  124. Nirmanusan Balasundaram
  125. Nishelli Perera – Senior Strategy Analyst
  126. P.A.R. Anuruddha
  127. P.N. Singham
  128. Padmika Dissanaike
  129. Padmini Weerasooriya – Mothers and Daughters of Lanka
  130. Prabu Deepan
  131. Priti Sudra
  132. Priya Thangarajah
  133. Prof. Kumar David
  134. Prof. M. Sitralega
  135. Prof. Navaratna Bandara
  136. Prof. Priyan Dias – University of Moratuwa
  137. Sumanasiri Liyanage – Principal (Retd.), Marx School
  138. Pushpalatha Paramasivam
  139. R.M.B. Senanayake – National Peace Council (NPC)
  140. Raashid Riza
  141. Raghu Balachandran
  142. Rajaluxmi Visvasam
  143. Rajani Chandrasekaran – Jaffna
  144. Rajiva Wijesinha – Member of Parliament
  145. Ramla Ajmal Wahab – International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES)
  146. Remo Shihan
  147. Renton de Alwis – Former Chairman, Sri Lanka Tourism
  148. Rev. Dr. Jayasiri Peiris
  149. Rev. Fr. Jeyabalan Croos
  150. Rev. Fr. Nandana Manatunga
  151. Rev. Fr. Reid Shelton Fernando
  152. Rev. Fr. S. M. Praveen (OMI)
  153. Rev. Fr. Sebamalai
  154. Rev. Fr. Sherard Jayawardane
  155. Rev. Fr. Terrence Fernando
  156. Rev. Fr. V. Yogeswaran – Centre for the Promotion & Protection of       Human Rights (CPPHR), Trincomalee
  157. Rev. Jason J. Selvaraja – Assembly of God, Chavakachcheri
  158. Rev. Sr. Deepa Fernando (HF)
  159. Rev. Sr. Helen Fernando
  160. Rev. Sr. Immaculate de Alwis
  161. Riza Yehiya
  162. Rohana Ratnayake – Senior Lecturer in Law, Open University of Sri      Lanka
  163. Roshni Alles
  164. Ruki Fernando
  165. Rushdi Jaleel Khan
  166. Ruvan Weerasinghe – University of Colombo
  167. Ruzaina Mahuruf
  168. S.A.M. Jabir
  169. S.C.A. Obeyesekere
  170. Safana Gul Begum
  171. Sahan Mendis
  172. Saliya Pieris – Attorney-at-Law
  173. Sampath Samarakoon
  174. Sanja Jayatilleka
  175. Sanjaya Senanayake
  176. Selyna Peiris – Attorney-at-Law
  177. Shanthini Kanapathy
  178. Shariz Faleel – Manager – Finance & Administration, Secretariat for      Muslims (Guarantee) Ltd
  179. Sharni Jayawardena
  180. Shiromalee Perera
  181. Shreen Saroor – Women’s Action Network
  182. Shri Shankar Subramaniam
  183. Shyamala Gomez
  184. Shyara Jaleel Khan
  185. Siritunga Jayasuriya – General Secretary, United Socialist Party
  186. Sivamohan Sumathy
  187. Srinath Perera – Attorney-at-Law
  188. Subashini Ramesh
  189. Sulakshani Perera
  190. Sunanda Deshapriya – Journalist
  191. Sunil Jayasekera
  192. Supipi Jayawardena – Researcher & Lecturer
  193. Swarnalatha Subramaniam
  194. Tehani Ariyaratne
  195. Thahir Kubais
  196. Thajun Mohamed Nishan – One Text Initiative
  197. Thanuka Nandasiri – Attorney-at-Law
  198. Thiruni Kelegama
  199. U.L. Jaufer
  200. Upali Pannilage – Senior Lecturer, University of Ruhuna
  201. Upeksha Thabrew
  202. Upul Wickramasinghe
  203. V. Jokeswaran – Teacher
  204. V.S. Ganesalingam – Attorney-at-Law
  205. Vanie Simon
  206. Venuri Perera
  207. Visaka Dharmadasa – Association of War Affected Women
  208. Wasaam Ismail