Friday, 29 March 2013

Who is responsible for the attack on fashion bug warehouse..? BBS

(BY  A patriotic Lankan)
       It has been reported that some Buddhist monks with some mobs attacked fashion bug warehouse owned by Muslim family. The motive behind this attack is nothing but racing attack. Some of these Singhalese monks and mobs are very much jealous of Muslim people talent and skills in the business enterprises. Recently they have been targeting Muslim business places and shops. It is not a secret that BBS in its meeting openly called Singhalese people to boycott Muslim business and even they dared to destroy Muslim businesses. 
              This is nothing but staring point of their campaign. Muslim intellectuals and religious leaders have been calling all these stupid Muslim politicians either to resign or cross over to the opposition party and they could have done this with support of even Tamil Parties but they have waited and waited until BBS and its cohorts have done all damages to defame Muslim community. These shameless Muslim politicians still stay with this government that does not care what happens to Muslim community. I think that we should point our finger at our Muslim MPs before we accuse others. Of course, BBS is a racist group and yet, this government should have taken actions against it within the rule of laws and this government has got double standard in application of law otherwise, why it has not been taking any action so far. What is its motive behind its silence? 
 Spreading hared is a crime. It is clearly noted in LLRC report as well. Yet, Government is claiming that it has been implementing LLRC report. Where is LLRC report when it comes to BBS and its hate campaign? Is it above law and why is this discrimination? Where is police force when this fashion bug warehouse was attacked? Who work in these warehouses? Most of workers are Singhalese. If these warehouse are destroyed who give works to these people?  Can BBS feed these families and can they provide jobs to these people? 
BBS and its agents have planted the seeds of hared in the hearts of mobs and now you see the consequence of this hate campaign. Now BBS will come out to say it is not us but it is only mobs. The irony is that Police, Security force and politicians were watching at all what has been happening around the country for the last two years this has been happening. Yet, no one has taken any action. Because of their complacency of politicians we all see these. This will bring nothing but disaster to nation and consequently all country will suffer. I think that this is started because of lack of interest by politicians to apply the laws equally. If any one got real Srilankan patriotism he would not burn his own country. He would not destroy the natural resources of his own country. If thee continues Srilankan will loose its reputation and tourism industries will go down dramatically and people will suffer soon.    
Tamil Nadu is boiling out to come to revenge for war crimes and these stupid people want to justify that Singhalese are against minorities: you want to tell to the world and Tamil Nadu that we do whatever we want and we know how to get away with it?  This is mentality of BBS. They live within walls of their own Well and they are going to bring destruction to Sri-lanka  After defeating LTTE Tamil Nadu did not force centre to take any immediate actions against Srilanka and yet, with emergence of BBS and its demonstrations students in Tamil Nadu copied same tactics to demonstrate against Srilanka in recent time. 
      In Tamil Nadu LTTE have already started their struggle once against. When they emerge this time it would not be 30 years of war but they will finish all these racists monks and mobs within few months. 74 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu waiting for a time to come and crush these mobs: Today at this time Srilanka needs more peace and more friends than enemies but yet, these racist monks do not realise this.  This all started with BBS racing talks, these monks should be taken to courts and punished.  We have hundred of evidence to prove that these anti-Muslim activities.
  We should think beyond communal limitation and we should put national interest above all pity communal and racial boundaries and unfortunately BBS does not have such broader thinking; They openly claim that this country is only Singhalese and thus, they are calling for another war with Tamils. The entire world knows who make trouble right now in Srilanka.