Sunday, 31 March 2013

Disturbing Images: Rotten Egg Assaults On Persons Buying From Muslim Owned Shops

By Colombo Telegraph -
Disturbing images have surfaced on an anti-Muslim Facebook page, that show rotten egg assaults on persons carrying shopping bags from a clothing chain vilified by hardline Sinhala groups carrying out a sustained campaign against Muslim enterprises.
The Facebook page, called Athugal Pura Sinha Pataw highlights the images of a man and a woman following an assault with eggs holding No Limit bags.  The group’s motto is “Konda pana athi niyama sinhalayanta pamanai” (Exclusively for Sinhalese with a backbone)
Posted under the title Kurunegala Pursuit and Attack with Rotten Eggs and says “If you go to No Limit or Fashion Bug we will attack. If you have their bags in your hand we will attack. And that is not all. Those who betray the race, even if they have police protection will be attacked with rotten eggs today, feces tomorrow.”