Thursday, 28 March 2013

By Colombo Telegraph -
A mob, lead by a group of Buddhist monks has attacked the Head office and Stores Complex of Mssrs Fashion Bug situated at Pepiliyana Junction, a short while ago, at around 8 pm SL time (Thursday 28th March).The excuse used to attack this complex was that a 15 year old girl had been raped inside the building. The accusation that a rape had taken place is a baseless one as can be proved by the close circuit cameras which were installed as well as the inquiry carried out by the Police.The camera tells the real story on how these mob of fanatics had entered the building. The Special Task Force had to intervene to bring this attack under control.
This is another, in a series of attacks against Muslims as Fashion Bug is owned by a family of Sri Lankan Muslims. The mob had gone on a rampage setting clothes that were in the store on fire and shouting obscenities at the girls who worked in this complex, saying that they should be ashamed to work in an enterprise owned by Muslims and to never come back. The mob had also manhandled some of the girls.