Thursday, 14 February 2013

Interview with a revert to Islam - Julie

An interview with Julie Breen- she talks about the experience of reverting to Islam, someone who after living the fruits of liberal values left behind superficial empowerment for actual liberation. This sister was a magistrate and saw the western legal system in place and stated that not only do liberal values lead to the misery of women but when attacked or molested the woman’s culprit is let off lightly. The sister highlights how when she first came across Islam all of the propaganda came to mind, oppressed, suppressed, voiceless, powerless, but that when she read the Quran and read the seerah, she realised all of the previous propaganda to be baseless.

When discussing the growing reversion to Islam within the west, it is vital we highlight the failings of capitalism and secular liberalism in delivering just rights, and a purpose in life to women. A majority of reverts to Islam are women, and considering the accusation levelled at Islam is that it's oppressive towards women- it should make us question, why?