Sunday, 20 January 2013

A review of the incident that took place in front of Nolimit yesterday at Maharagama Town

I have published a document yesterday in this blog questioning “Is the government supporting the spread of racism in Sri Lanka?” In this document, I have made an attempt to highlight the fact that according to our understanding the present Government though not providing direct support to these extremist groups, their inaction and blind eye towards these elements tend to make us feel that they have some interest in creating instability through these disgraceful activities.

The situation and how it was handled by law enforcement officers in front of Nolimit business organization yesterday (19th January) amply prove this view.    

One of the demands of the “Sinhala Raavaya” organization, who organized the agitation and protest march at Maharagama town, was that the Nolimit organization must apologize to their organization for taking them to the Criminal Investigation Department. How could one justify this demand? The right of the citizenry is to seek assistance from Law Enforcement Institutions of the country when they are faced with violations of their peaceful existence in this country. In the same manner if a false complaint has been made against a person, he has the complete freedom and right to seek justice against the person or organization who has made the false complaint. Without resorting to this civilized and proper means of dealing with Nolimit, in case they have taken the Sinhalaraawaya organization to Criminal Investigation Department unjustifiably, coming out with Mob Violence only indicate that they have many things which justifies investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department.   

Unfortunately, these monks clad in the yellow robe, are behaving in a manner that does not befit the noble values expected out of them. They have become a law unto themselves. They are converting the Buddhist teachings which is based on peace and compassion, into a religion of aggression and terror.  Unfortunately, the Police have become shamelessly impotent to take action expected out of them against these unruly, violent and aggressive monks. Does this indicate that there are members or sympathizers for these extremist organizations in the Police force? During the LTTE war we have observed that there were occasions where supporters of the LTTE were functioning in the uniform. This made the war against LTTE a much more challenging task. We expect from the men in uniforms to abide by the norms of their profession. The violations of the law of the land by these extremist elements yesterday have gone without any action by the Police. Making protest in front of a business organization and threatening them is definitely a threat to peace in the area. We would like to ask from the Police and the People in Authority, what action have you taken against the perpetrators of these disgraceful violations of law? None has been taken into custody so far regarding this incident.          

During the protest the Mob informed the Police that they want to talk to the Management of the Nolimit. The Management of Nolimit has informed that they have nothing to talk with the protesters. The Media has publicized that the “Nolimit has apologized to the Nation.” Lanka CNEWS has published this false information in their site. In the context they inform that an Assistant Manager of Nolimit has tendered his apology. For media which is bend on creating communal disharmony and hatred, fabricating such information is not a big task.     

We are sickened simply by the fact that Lankacnews, which is maintained and published by the supporters and followers of Hon. Minister Wimal Weerawansa is becoming a tool in the hands of the extremists. Recently, at a public gathering, Minister Weerawansa indicated that the opposition is implementing a carefully planned program to win over the Muslim votes. What we understand is that the followers of Minister Weerwansa are also a part of this program. What perturbs us is that in the same manner how the Government is maintaining silence in front of the Communalists, Minister Weerawansa also behaves regarding the Communalistic activities of his followers at Lankacnews site. This indicates that even Minister Weerawansa also has a dual policy on this burning issue.  

According to our understanding, the Nolimit organization has not apologized to this Communal organization, as they have not committed any wrong against this unruly crowd. If they maintain that the Assistant Manager has apologized, we once again stress that the Assistant Manager is not an official spokesperson for Nolimit and the leadership of Sinhalaraawaya is only spreading such falsehood to cover their shameful behavior.  

Translated by:
Abu Fathima

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