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Sunday, 20 January 2013

A review of the incident that took place in front of Nolimit yesterday at Maharagama Town

I have published a document yesterday in this blog questioning “Is the government supporting the spread of racism in Sri Lanka?” In this document, I have made an attempt to highlight the fact that according to our understanding the present Government though not providing direct support to these extremist groups, their inaction and blind eye towards these elements tend to make us feel that they have some interest in creating instability through these disgraceful activities.

The situation and how it was handled by law enforcement officers in front of Nolimit business organization yesterday (19th January) amply prove this view.    

One of the demands of the “Sinhala Raavaya” organization, who organized the agitation and protest march at Maharagama town, was that the Nolimit organization must apologize to their organization for taking them to the Criminal Investigation Department. How could one justify this demand? The right of the citizenry is to seek assistance from Law Enforcement Institutions of the country when they are faced with violations of their peaceful existence in this country. In the same manner if a false complaint has been made against a person, he has the complete freedom and right to seek justice against the person or organization who has made the false complaint. Without resorting to this civilized and proper means of dealing with Nolimit, in case they have taken the Sinhalaraawaya organization to Criminal Investigation Department unjustifiably, coming out with Mob Violence only indicate that they have many things which justifies investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department.   

Unfortunately, these monks clad in the yellow robe, are behaving in a manner that does not befit the noble values expected out of them. They have become a law unto themselves. They are converting the Buddhist teachings which is based on peace and compassion, into a religion of aggression and terror.  Unfortunately, the Police have become shamelessly impotent to take action expected out of them against these unruly, violent and aggressive monks. Does this indicate that there are members or sympathizers for these extremist organizations in the Police force? During the LTTE war we have observed that there were occasions where supporters of the LTTE were functioning in the uniform. This made the war against LTTE a much more challenging task. We expect from the men in uniforms to abide by the norms of their profession. The violations of the law of the land by these extremist elements yesterday have gone without any action by the Police. Making protest in front of a business organization and threatening them is definitely a threat to peace in the area. We would like to ask from the Police and the People in Authority, what action have you taken against the perpetrators of these disgraceful violations of law? None has been taken into custody so far regarding this incident.          

During the protest the Mob informed the Police that they want to talk to the Management of the Nolimit. The Management of Nolimit has informed that they have nothing to talk with the protesters. The Media has publicized that the “Nolimit has apologized to the Nation.” Lanka CNEWS has published this false information in their site. In the context they inform that an Assistant Manager of Nolimit has tendered his apology. For media which is bend on creating communal disharmony and hatred, fabricating such information is not a big task.     

We are sickened simply by the fact that Lankacnews, which is maintained and published by the supporters and followers of Hon. Minister Wimal Weerawansa is becoming a tool in the hands of the extremists. Recently, at a public gathering, Minister Weerawansa indicated that the opposition is implementing a carefully planned program to win over the Muslim votes. What we understand is that the followers of Minister Weerwansa are also a part of this program. What perturbs us is that in the same manner how the Government is maintaining silence in front of the Communalists, Minister Weerawansa also behaves regarding the Communalistic activities of his followers at Lankacnews site. This indicates that even Minister Weerawansa also has a dual policy on this burning issue.  

According to our understanding, the Nolimit organization has not apologized to this Communal organization, as they have not committed any wrong against this unruly crowd. If they maintain that the Assistant Manager has apologized, we once again stress that the Assistant Manager is not an official spokesperson for Nolimit and the leadership of Sinhalaraawaya is only spreading such falsehood to cover their shameful behavior.  

Translated by:
Abu Fathima

Visit our website to watch video about Maharagama incident

Friday, 18 January 2013

The Status of Parents in Islam

All religions and all societies have given parents an honorable status. From a purely material viewpoint, we find ourselves indebted to our parents, particularly our mother. She not only nourished us in her womb, but went through pain and suffering. She loved us even before we were born. She toiled when we were totally helpless infants. She spent sleepless nights caring for us. Our parents as a team provided for all our needs: physical, educational, psychological, and in many instances, religious, moral, and spiritual. 
Our indebtedness to our parents is so immense that it is not possible to repay it fully. In lieu of this, it becomes obligatory for us to show the utmost kindness, respect, and obedience to our parents. The position of parents, and the mutual obligations and responsibilities, have been addressed in Islam in great detail. The Qur'anic commandments, as well as the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) guide us in this matter. The parent-child code of behavior in Islam is unique, since rules were laid down by divine command.

References to parents have been made at least 15 times in the Holy Qur'an. There are numerous traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on this subject. I will first quote some of the Qur'anic verses here:

"And We have enjoined on man (to be good) to his parents. In travail upon travail did his mother bear him, and in two years was his weaning. Show gratitude to Me and to thy parents; to Me is thy final goal." (Quran 31:14)

According to the above verse, gratitude to God and to parents go hand in hand. Gratitude to God is incomplete without showing gratitude to one's parents. Since being grateful to God is a form of ibadah (worship) which earns heavenly rewards, it can therefore be said that being grateful to one's parents also earns heavenly rewards.

"Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to parents. Whether one or more attain old age in thy life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor. And out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility, and say, "my Lord! bestow on them Thy Mercy, even as they cherished me in childhood." (Quran 17: 23-24)

"We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth." (Quran 46:15)

Thus, God has enjoined on us to show kindness, respect, and humility to our parents. We are commanded to do this, even though they may have injured us. The only exception to the above command is made in the following verse:

"We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; but if they strive (to force) thee to join with Me anything of which thou hast no knowledge, obey them not." (Quran 29:8)

Some of the traditions of Prophet Muhammad, and of the learned members of his family, about our responsibilities toward our parents are quoted here:

"Paradise lies under the feet of the mother."

"God's pleasure is in the pleasure of the father, and God's displeasure is in the displeasure of the father."

"He who wishes to enter Paradise through its best door must please his parents."

"It is a pity that some people may not attain Paradise, on account of not serving their old parents."

"If a person looks with love at his parents, God writes in his favor the reward equal to the performance of one Hajj."

[Someone asked, "will this promise be good if one looks at his parents one hundred times a day?" The Holy Prophet (pbuh) replied, "even if one does so a hundred thousand times a day, God gives the reward accordingly."]

"A man or woman is bound to be good to his or her parents, even though they may have injured him or her."

Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (r.a.), the great-great-grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported to have quoted Imam 'Ali (ra) that, "disobedience to parents is a major sin." He also stated that, "if a person looks at the face of his or her parents with wrathful eyes, despite the fact that injustice was done to him or her by the parents, his or her salah (prayer) will not be accepted by God."

According to one of the Hadith-e-Qudsi, the following is reported about the status of parents:

"God has commanded that if anybody prays equal to the invocations performed by the prophets, such prayers will do no good if that person has been cursed by his or her parents."

It has also been related that the very first words which have been written on the Lauh-e-Mahfuz (The Heavenly Preserved Tablet) are:

"I am God, and there is no deity except Me. I am pleased with those with whom their parents are pleased, and I am displeased with those with whom their parents are displeased."

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported to have said: "On the Day of Judgment, my person will not be seen by those who drank liquor, those who on hearing my name did not invoke the blessings of God on me, or those who were cursed and disowned by their parents."

'Ali ibn al-Husain (ra) is reported to have said: "The right of your mother on you is that you should know that nobody could endure the trouble and the conditions under which she protected you and nourished you with the juice of her life, and tried with her heart and soul to satisfy all your needs in relation to hunger, thirst, dress, etc. She passed sleepless nights, suffering anxieties. She provided you with shelter against heat and cold, and protected you from ailments. It is not possible for you to compensate her, or thank her enough for all the services, except that God may give you guidance for that. The right of your father on you is that you should know that it is he who brought you into existence, and you are a branch of the tree of his life."

According to a reliable tradition, it is related that a man came to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and asked him to whom he should render kindness. The prophet told him to be kind to his mother. Three times he put the same question to the prophet, and three times he got the same answer. When he asked the question the fourth time, he was told to be kind to his father, indicating that the mother's right took precedence over that of the father.

Parents' duties: Islam has assigned certain duties to parents that they must fulfill. If they fail in those, they will be questioned about it. Besides providing the basic necessities of life, Islam requires that the parents teach their children about the Oneness of God, the Quranic commandments, values, the Prophets and their teachings, and the moral code of Islam as according to the Quran and the Sunnah (teachings) of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Let us pray to God that He guide us to be respectful, kind, and obedient to our parents, and that we continue to show them humility regardless of the power, position, wealth, and influence we may possess. Let us also pray that we be patient, kind, thoughtful, and friendly with our children, as we guide them through their lives, and that we discharge our responsibilities towards them as required by our religion, so that God may be pleased with us, and may He Bless and reward us, both in this world and in the Hereafter.  Ameen.


- Holy Qur'an, Abdullah Yusuf 'Ali's Translation
- Bedtime Stories, by Peermohammed Ebrahim Trust
Syed Hasan Akhtar, M. D. He resides in Austin, Texas.
Source: Islamic Research Foundation International, Inc. Louisville, KY

"Travelling Light": When Calamity Strikes - Mufti Menk

The Souls of the Senses

Intimacy with Allah Swt.
1/18/2013 - Religious - Article Ref: AJ1301-5368
Number of comments:
By: Ibn All-Qayyim
Al Jumuah*

The Souls of the Senses

SHAYKH AL-ISLAM IBN TAYMIYYAH, Allah have mercy on him-rendering apt judgment between opposing views on the issue-said that what the sense of hearing apprehends is more general and comprehensive, while what the sense of sight discerns is sounder and more perfect. Thus, the sense of hearing possesses generality and comprehensiveness, covering what is present and what is absent, and what is perceived and what is conceptualized, whereas the sense of sight [furnishes knowledge that] is perfect and sound.

It follows, then, that each of the five senses has a spirit and a soul, which is essentially its share of the heart. There are those whose hearts have no share of [these senses] any more than the wild beasts do. Hence,. in this respect, such people and beasts are comparable. That is why Allah, the All-Powerful, compared these people to cattle-rather them worse. He said: (Or do you really think that most of them even listen or understand? In fact, they are like nothing but cattle. Rather, they are even further astray from Allah's way!) Surat Al-Furqan, 25:44.

For this reason, Allah has attributed to the disbelievers in His Revelation a deficiency in hearing, sight, and intellect, either because they fail to take advantage of these senses-this being as good as lacking in them-or because the divine attribution of these senses pertains to the hearing, sight, and comprehension of the hearts-which will become evident to them when realities are unveiled [in the Hereafter], as [evidenced by] the statement that the dwellers of Hellfire shall make therein, as recorded in the Quran: (Moreover, they shall say: If only we had listened [to the Quran] or had used our reason [to discern its truth], we would not be among the Companions of the Flaming Fire.) Surat Al-Mulk, 67:10.

In addition, one of the interpretations of the statement of the All-High in the Quran: (Thus you [O Prophet] see them looking [blankly] at you, for they do not see.) Surat Al-A raf, 7:198 is as follows: That is, the disbelievers would look at the physical stature of the Prophet through their outwardly senses, but fail to see his prophetic stature and its significance through the inwardly senses, which is to say, through the eye of the heart.

Another interpretation is that the pronoun ['they] is referring in this verse to idols, which leaves us to understand it in one of two ways: (1) They are looking metaphorically, for they have no eyes to see; or (2) "looking" (yanzuru) means 'facing/ as the Arabs say; "Your abode looks at mine," that is, 'faces' it [which would render the meaning of the verse: Thus you [O Prophet] see [the idols] 'facing you/ but they cannot see.]

The same is true of the sense of hearing, which the disbelievers in the Quran and the Prophet certainly possess-and through which the [divine] proof is established against them. Yet they are said to be lacking it in the sense of the hearing of the heart. For they would hear the Quran with their outwardly hearing, in the sense of cattle that hear nothing of the calling of the shepherd (but mere calls and cries. Deaf, dumb, and blind [in heart]-never shall they understand.) Surat Al-Baqarah, 2:171.

Had they sincerely listened to the Quran with the true soul- that is, the soul of the sense of hearing that resides in the heart-they would surely have had a blessed life that comes from the hearing that is attached to the heart. The deafness and muteness that ails them would have been cured, and they would have saved themselves from the Flaming Fire of Hell, separating from those lacking in hearing and reason.

The Hearing of the Heart

The occurrence of true hearing is the beginning of a blessed life, a life that is the most perfect kind of life in this world. By [this spiritual hearing] the heart obtains its nourishment and its balance, gaining strength and life, and attaining its blessing and its blossom. When it lacks sound nourishment, it turns to fulfilling its need with unwholesome and corrupt nourishment. Thus it fails to attain all its blessings, like the physical body that weakens when fed unwholesome food.

The heart being closer and better linked to physical hearing than to sight, the effect of what is heard transmits quicker to the heart than does what is seen, and the hearing of a beautiful, melodious, and apposite sound may lead one to swoon, which is not likely to occur upon seeing beautiful sights. A sound might have a great effect on the heart even without one's noticing it-on account of heedlessness. But when one is alone or meditating, its effect is felt. The more a soul, or heart is isolated and cut off from the physical body, the more it is affected by what it has previously heard.

If what is heard has a noble meaning and a melodious sound he heart receives a greater share of its meaning, and delights in it to the fullest, and the soul enjoys its share of the beauty and the melody of the voice and delights in it. Thereby, the enjoyment is doubled and the delight perfected, and a state of profound bliss is attained, transcending to the physical body and perhaps even to others nearby. This does not occur in this world save upon attaining perfection; nor does it occur save upon hearing the Divine Word.

Rapture at the Quran

This transport happens only when the soul is isolated from distractions and is prepared, and the heart encounters the soul of the meaning [of the Divine Speech] and embraces with its full being what is heard, exemplifying therein what the Quran says: (Indeed, in this [Quran] there is most surely a reminder for whomever has a [living] heart or lends [an attentive] ear, with [full] presence [of mind].) Surat Qaf, 50:37. The beauty of the voice of the reciter helps in this encounter so that it is as if one's heart departs from this world altogether and enters another, and finds delight and a state that is found in nothing else. This state is akin to the state of the people of Paradise. What wonderful nourishment! How wholesome and nurturing!

This [state of bliss] in hearing the Quran is forbidden to hearts nourished on Satanic melody. Indeed, even if such a one finds the Qur'an delightful, it is because its melody may be similar [to the music that one is used to], not because of its special meanings. There is no blessing for the people of Paradise higher than their seeing of their beloved Lord, Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, with their own eyes and hearing His speech. 'Abdul-lah the son of Imam Ahmad mentions in the book Al-Sunnah a report- concerning which I do not now recall whether it attributes to the Prophet or not-which has it that "When people will hear the Quran on the Day of Resurrection from the All-Merciful, the Mighty and Glorious, it would be as if they had never heard it before."

When the heart is filled with something, the distinction between the outward and the inward is mitigated so that the ear transmits to the heart what it finds fitting, even if the conveyed sound or the speaker does not intend such a meaning from it. Al-Qushayri said that he heard Abu 'Abdullah Al-Sulami say: "I visited Abu Uthman Al-Maghribi. A man nearby was drawing water from a well using a pulley. -- He said to me: 'Do you know O Abu Abd Al-Rahman what this pulley says?' -- I said: 'No.'   -- He said: 'It says: "Allah. Allah."" The examples of this are many. Once Abu Sulayman Al-Dimashqi passed by a peddler who was saying 'Ya za'tar barri' (wild thyme), but he heard instead 'isatara birri' (Be generous. You shall see My bounty). This spiritual hearing follows the reality of the heart, union with which makes one imagine that he perceived [the very] meaning [by which his heart overwhelmed] regardless of the external sound.

The most perfect hearing, then, is that of one who hears from Allah His Speech-and it is the melody of the lovers and the Beloved. As mentioned in the hadith in Sahih Al-Bukhari that the Messenger of Allah & said, reporting from His Lord, the Blessed and the Exalted:

My servant draws near to me by nothing as much as [what] he does by fulfilling what I have required of him. And my servant continues to draw near to me by doing more than what I have required until I love him. When I love him, I become his hearing by which he hears, his sight by which he sees, his hand by which he strikes, and his leg by which he walks. By Me he. By Me he sees. By Me he strikes forth. And by Me he walks. (Bukhari)
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Taqwa - Mufti Ismail Menk (New lecture)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Jaffna Muslim: Growing hate Muslim Campaign!

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