Sunday, 29 July 2012

Why do Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan?

Why do Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan?
1.      Develop Taqwa or God consciousness.
2.      Prove that fasting is the epitome of the five pillars of Islam.
3.      Obedience to the commandments of Allah.
4.      Following the footsteps of all Messengers of Allah.
5.      Way to worship Allah.
6.      Shield from the Hellfire.
7.      Reap the full reward of Lailat-ul Qadr.
8.      Getting closer to Allah and earning a special reward.
9.      Seeking repentance for the past sins.
10.  Time to count the blessings from Allah.
11.  Build a relationship with the Quran.
12.  Build a relationship with the Islamic way of life.
13.  Frequent the Masjids.
14.  Increasing charity.
15.  Share the same experience with the Muslim Ummah; building brotherhood.
16.  Feel the hunger of the poor.
17.  Make friends with past enemies.
18.  Build self and social discipline.
19.  Build community relationships.
20.  Build patience and steadfastness.
21.  Reduce sexual desires.
22.  Control evil thoughts.
23.  Overcome stinginess/greed.
24.  Control negative emotions like anger and jealousy.
25.  Detach from worldly things (at least for thirty days).
26.  Revive one’s spirituality and modify personality/character.
27.  Establish spiritual foundation of sincerity.
28.  Improve immune system.
29.  Repair damaged organs.
30.  Support surgery.
31.  Be a part of the health-supporting system; natural hygiene.
32.  Transition to make lifestyle changes.
33.  Receive good health faster.
34.  Eliminate toxins and metabolic byproducts.
35.  Overcome addictions to alcohol, cocaine, nicotine etc.
36.  Reduce the size and effect of body tumors.
37.  Reduce neck and back problems.
38.  Reduce high blood pressure.
39.  Speed up response to Angina and intermittent claudication.
40.  Drop cholesterol levels.
41.  Reduce gastrointestinal disturbances (Eg: gastritis, constipation, bloating etc).
42.  Bring diabetes under control.
43.  Divert energy from the digestive system towards metabolism and immune system.
44.  Effectiveness of the production of proteins to replace damaged cells.
45.  Build healthier cells, tissues and organs.
46.  Reduce core body temperature.
47.  Reduce Basal Metabolic rate to conserve energy in the body.
48.  Efficiency in hormone production.
49.  Expand lifespan.
Feel rejuvenate