Thursday, 7 June 2012

Is Buddha a god?
Buddha was not a god, never claimed to be a god, and did not call himself a god. He lived his life like a nor mall human He was awake and a human just like you and me, he bled, got sick and he he died of food poisoning. A god would not die from food poisoning.
--- Yes Buddha never claimed himself as a god, but he was a great teacher..., he is a human yet not an ordinary human, he reached the enlightenment, a maximum knowledge.. has neutral condition of anything around... he understood more than us could expected , the only way you can reached by practice meditation...
if you ever meet dhamma (buddha's teaching), then you have found a priceless, extraordinary diamond... , you can find out by yourself, why buddha is so special ... whatever your belief, you still can accept dhamma, because dhamma is truth .. valuable life knowledge... with loving based teaching, if you don't like it then you can leave it immediately..
~When asked if he were a God, Buddha said No. "Then, teacher, what are you?" to which he replied... "Awake!"
So the Buddha is not a God He is a teacher of all the things he learnt in his life.
But one more thing a normall human would just die as we know but when the Buddha died he met his enlightenment.
No, Buddha is not a God. Buddha was a man named Siddharta Gautama, who was the first person to recieve enlightenment, or nirvana...