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The third Kalimah


Assalam Alaikum Wa Rehmath Ullahi Wa Barkatahu

MAIN SUBJECT: The Third Kalimah 
The Third Kalimah Has A Unique And Very interesting Story Behind it. 
It All Started Before Allah Ta'alah Created Adam A.S. 
The Angels Were Trying To Move The Arsh (Throne) Of Allah Ta'alah, But It Was Too Heavy And Wouldn't Budge. 
So They Asked Almighty Allah For Help. Allah Told Them To Recite "Subhanallah." 
The Angels Did As They Were Told And Found That it Gave Them Power And Strength And They Were Able To Move The Arsh. 
They Liked This So Much That They Began Constantly Hymning "Subhanallah."- (Glory be to Allah) 
Then  Allah  Created Adam  A.S. 
When  Allah  Blew  Life  into  Adam, The  First  Thing  He  Did  Was  Sneeze  And  Say "Alhamdulillah" 
(All parise be to Allah) The  Angels  Liked  This  Act  So  Much That  They  Added This  To  Their  Parise  And  Glorification of Allah. 
Thus  The  Kalimah  Became "Subhanallah Walhamdulillah" 
Hundreds  Of  Years  Passed  And  The Prophet  Nooh A.S. Was  Now On  Earth. For  Nine Hundred  Years  He  Proclaimed  The  Oneness  Of  Allah  With 
The  Words "La illaha illalah." 
(There  is  None Worthy Of  Worhip  The  Angels  Loved  This  Act  So  Much 
That  They  Added  This  To  The  Kalimah. 
Thus, The Kalimah  Now  Became "Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Wa La illaha illalah." 
The  Angels  Kept  Repeating This  Kalimah Day And Night. 
Many  Centuries  Passed  And  The Prophet Ebrahim A.S. (Abraham)  Was  Asked By Almighty Allah To Sacrifice  His  Beloved  Son Ismaeel A.S. 
He  Was  About To  Slaughter  His  Son  And  He  Needed  Something  To Give  Him The  Courage  He  Needed  To  Do  This  Difficult Deed. 
So  He  Recited "Allahu Akbar." (Allah is Great) 
The  Angels  Loved  This  Act  So  Much  That They  Added "Allahu Akbar"  To  The Kalimah. 
Thus   The  Kalimah  Became "Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Wa La illaha illalah Allahu Akbar." 
More  Centuries  Passed. It Was The Night Of Meraj, When Our  Beloved  Prophet Muhammed  S.A.W. Ascended  To  The  Heavens  With Gibraeel A.S. There  Gibraeel A.S. Told  Nabee S.A.W. The  Story  And  Nabee S.A.W.   Added  The  Final  Part  Of  The Kalmiah "Wala Howla Wa La Quwwata Illah Billah Hil Alee'al Azeem." 
Thus  The  Kalimah  Now  Became  Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Wa La illaha illalah  Allahu Akbar Wala Howla Wa La Quwata Illah Billah Hil Alee’al Azeem. 
 (There is no Power and Might except from Allah, The Most High, The Great) 
And  Up  To  This  Day,  This  Kalimah (or Declaration Of  Faith)  Buzzes  Around  The Arsh Of Almighy Allah. 
Third Kalima is Tumjeed, 
This  is The Kalima (the first part) That is Recited 33  Times  After  Each  Farz  Namaaz,  And is Called Tasbih-e-Fatima. 

Surah Fatiha  Protects  One  From  The  Anger  Of Allah.
Surah Yaseen  From  The  Thirst  Of  The Day  Of  Judgement.
Sura  Waaqiah  From Poverty And  Starvation
Surah Mulk  From  The  Punishment  Of  The  Grave
Surah Kausar  From  The  Enemity  Of  The  Enemy
Surah Kaafiroon  From  Kufr  At  The  Time  Of  Death
Surah Ikhlaas  From  Hypocrisy
Surah Falaq  From  Calamities
Naas  From  Evil  Thoughts 

Should Someone  Become  Aware  Of  The  Above  From  Your  Message  And 

Read Any  Of  These  Surahs Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W  (PBUH) Says: That If A Person Recites Ayatal Kursi After Every Farz Namaz Then There Will Be Nothing Between Him And Heaven Except Death 
There is A Hadith That Says 3rd kalima is Such A Great Medicine That it Cures Every Disease And The Most Minor Disease it Cures is Sorrow (Gham). 
Third kalima Being: ”Subhaan Allah, WalHamdo Lillah , Wa La Illaha IlAllah, Wa Aallah o Abar. Wa Lahoalwalla quwatta illa billah hilm Alee’al Azeem. 
Another Hadith Says: “If A Person Recites Surah ikhlaas 10 Times In A Day, 
Then Allah Builds A Palace For Him/Her in The Heaven. (Subhaan Allah) 

And The Last But Not The Least ALLAH Says: 

Spread The Knowledge Whatever You Have. 
It's A Duty Of Each & Every Muslim. 
May ALLAH Accepts Our Good Deeds 
Aameen (Inshah-ALLAH)
Remember Me In Your Prayers.