Sunday, 28 August 2011

Farewell Ramadan

Farewell Ramadan

In couple of days now we will be saying" Farewell Ramadan and see u next year by God's will"...

Now after all the fasting, prayer, and all our trials to be complete Muslims, after all that and as the end of Ramadan draws near a big question is popped up "What is after Ramadan?" will everything be back to "Normal" and actually what is "Normal" to us? does it mean that we will be far away from God as we were before Ramadan? doing all the stuffs that we are forbidden to do, skipping prayer, and not

considering what God has Ordered us to do?,all that just because Ramadan is over and we have increased our good deeds so now we can even the scale by doing all what we want of the forbidden deeds till next Ramadan and then we will start over that really how we really want to live?

Some may say that we don't mean to forget about our religion after Ramadan it is just that we tend to forget because we no more feel connected to God like we used to feel in Ramadan, Why is that? it is just because every month that is not Ramadan is simply not Ramadan, it is just an ordinary month in which we r not obliged to perform any deed that may remind us of God so we tend to forget or pretend to have forgotten.

Well I must not forget that in Ramadan all the Devils r manacled so in Ramadan all that we have to fight against is our-selves and desires while in other than Ramadan we've got two sides to fight against, so in other than Ramadan a lot of people would say "I was tempted by the devil" and goes with that all the time and saying "the Devil is strong" and such crap, well let me tell u something the Devil is not that strong at all as many may imagine but ur ultimate war is with ur own self and desire, the person's self and desire is what we really fighting against. The devil may just put a bad idea in ur mind as a choice and u will be the person who is deciding to take that choice and believe me, by following what ur desires tell u, it will be ur downfall.

Now after knowing that should make us wonder if we r able to restrain our-selves and desires for a whole month why r we unable to restrain them in the rest of the year? it is simply because we believe that we r unable to do so, we believe that we r weak and that we can't stand against our own desires, and that is due to the weakness in our believes and minds and because of what we think that we can do and what we can't and if we r unable to free ourselves from that cage of mind we'll never be in peace...

In the end, Ramadan Kareem on u all and Insha Allah it will come next year bringing all the blessing and grace of God upon u all..