Saturday, 16 July 2011

Shaytan (Description - Deceptions - Destruction)

Who is this Shaytan that we are warned of being an open enemy to us? Br. Abu Hasnayn Murtaza Khan explains and provides descriptions about this devil who is made from smokeless fireand is from amongst the Jinn. Shaytans pride and arrogance in obeying Allaah made him the rejected bound for the depths of Hell. Certainly, the Shaytan at all times is plotting and planning for our destruction. He has promised in a place where none other would promise to lead man astray and take mankind with him to the Hell-fire. He will flow through our veins like blood flows, and will whisper thoughts and ideas to take you away from achieving good, to committing the failure of evil deeds. The Shaytan is cunning; his whispers may even appear in a form disguised as good intentions, only to be destined for an evil end.