Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Musing about death

A person who rushes to his destination may suddenly run into a hearse. In fact, this is a very important opportunity for someone to pull himself together. The sight he meets reminds him of death. One day, he, too, will be in that hearse. There is no doubt about it, no matter how much he evades it, death will sooner or later find him. Whether in his bed, or on his way, or on vacation, he will certainly leave this world. For death is an unavoidable reality.

At that instant, a believer remembers the following verses of God:

Every self will taste death. Then you will be returned to Us. As for those who believe and do right actions, We will lodge them in lofty chambers in the Garden, with rivers flowing under them, remaining in them timelessly, for ever. How excellent is the reward of those who act: those who are steadfast and put their trust in their Lord. The Holy Qur'an, Chapter 29, Verses 57-59
Certainly, the consideration that his own body will also be placed in a shroud, covered with soil by his kinsmen, his forename and surname carved on a gravestone, removes man's attachment to the world. Someone who sincerely and realistically thinks about this, sees how senseless it is to lay claim to a body which one day is to decay in the earth.
In the verse of Chapter 29, God gives the glad tidings of paradise after death to those who are patient and put their trust in God. For this reason, believers, thinking that they will die one day, try to live sincerely directed towards God, living in right action and with the good character commanded by God to attain paradise. Every time they think about the closeness of death, their determination grows and they try to adopt the highest values and increasingly develop them throughout their lives.
On the other hand, those who give precedence to other thoughts, and spend their lives in vain anxieties, do not think that the same will definitely befall them one day, even in the event that they come across a hearse and even though they pass by cemeteries every day, and even when some of their loved ones die besides them.