Sunday, 5 June 2011

South African Cricketer Hashim Amla Example of a True Muslim

South African Cricketer Hashim Amla Example of a True Muslim

There are many Muslims Celebrities that has made their name in different fields from Showbiz to Sports but you will find very few Muslim Celebrities that are also Practical Muslims.

South African Cricketer  Hashim Amla is the best example of a Practical Muslim Celebrity who is not only a great Cricketer but also a Complete Muslim.  Hashim Amla follows Islam in his Practical Life as well as when he is on the Ground to play Cricket. Following are Some Examples which shows his greatness.

Few Years Back South African Cricket Board done a agreement with a Wine Company. Hashim Amla refused to wear the Shirt of South African Team that was having Logo of that Wine Company because Wine is Forbidden In Islam and he not wanted to become part of Promotional Campaign of that Wine Company by Wearing the shirt.. He  paid $500 Dollars Fine every month for not wearing the Shirt with Wine Logo but he never wear that Shirt. Hashim Amla also refused to play in Indian Premier League (IPL) due to Vulgarity in that Tournament .

He would have easily earned millions of Dollars from IPL but he not done this because he was practical Muslim.  Other Muslim Celebrities also need to learn lesson from Hashim Amla for whom Islam is more important than any other thing.