Saturday, 4 June 2011

Salah Prayer Not Only Virtue But Also Good For Health

Offering Salah Or Prayer five times a day is a very important part of Islam and also a great Virtue.  But do you know that Salaah is not just a great Virtue but it has also uncountable benefits for human health.  Here i am going to discuss some of these health benefits of offering Salaah.

In the Prayer we pick up arms which is exercise for arms and neck. this exercise is very good for patients of heart. By standing in Salaah our heart feels better because both feet feels weight of body equally. Sajda is also good for heart and helps in blood flow.  Raku in Salaah Blood Pumps more and it is also exercise for legs, back and many bones.  Raku is also very good for our Stomach. Although Sajda in Salaah is of few seconds but when we go to Sajda it increase flow of blood in mind nerves. Sajda is also exercise for many other parts of body. Seeing towards earth in Sajda reduces strain of eyes.

These are some of the main benefits of Prayer (Salaah) to our health. There are hundreds of more benefits as well of offering Salaah regularly that i am not mentioning here. May Allah help us all to become regular in our Prayers so that we not only get Virtue but also good health.